Custom made NEO soft stoppers made for use with liquids in our glass pendants. Works well even with oils. High quality grade like you would find in laboratory use. Be the first one to try them. NO CUTTING NECESSARY! Just plug your vial and glue your cap on. Works better than silicone! Easier to use than the plastic ones. Will form an airtight seal and material will expand with certain liquids after sealing. SOLD EXCLUSIVELY at Mo` Creations.


EXAMPLES ONLY! Shown in black for a clearer view actual stopper is WHITE

This stopper was specifically designed to fit most of our vials.

To achieve an airtight seal. Make sure the liquid is filled to the rim and then apply stopper in a circular motion. Twisting it in to make a snug fit.

Wipe any excess oil off vial so the cap can be glued on securely. (optional - cut off any part of the stopper that extends outside the top of the vial). Once the cap is placed on the vial the stopper is barely visible.

Mo`  Creations, All rights reserved.

Mo`  Creations, All rights reserved.

Mo`  Creations, All rights reserved.


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